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Install, uninstall, update, and manage all your CopyTrans tools from one place
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The CopyTrans suite of tools covers a wide range of features that will help you manage all content stored on your Apple portable devices from your PC. However, in order to download and install any of these tools, first you will need to have CopyTrans Control Center installed on your PC. This free utility is not only the only entrance to all CopyTrans tools, but a useful little management program to keep them constantly up to date.

The program’s functionality is far from extensive, but it is a must if you want to install any of the CopyTrans tools available, free or otherwise. Being a CopyTrans Manager user myself, I had to install this little management tool as a compulsory first step – not that I find this requirement especially cumbersome, but I don’t like populating my desktop with tools that I rarely or never use. However, being a conditio sine qua non, I decided to make the most of it.

Once installed, the Control Center opens a sort of main menu that lists all eight tools currently available in the CopyTrans suite. The first time you use it, you won’t find any button associated to any of the programs – just select the one(s) you wish to install on your system and the Control Center will download them for you. Once downloaded, an “Install” button will mark the utilities you can add to your desktop. Installed ones will then appear on a different section together with a “Start” button for you to launch them. Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the Control Center every time you wish to run your CopyTrans utilities, you can create shortcuts to all your installed tools directly from here. Whenever an update is available for any of them, a new “Update” button will appear by the corresponding tool in the program’s main menu. Finally, you can also use the Control Center to uninstall any CopyTrans utility securely from here.

This is all the functionality that this compulsory Control Center offers you. If you are an avid user of all or most CopyTrans utilities, you may find this little program manager really useful, especially when it comes to keeping the CopyTrans suite permanently updated. If you are not, you can always use it to discover and try new tools to help you manage your iPod, iPad, and iPhone devices.

Francisco Martínez
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  • One-stop CopyTrans program manager
  • Creates shortcuts
  • Updates manager
  • Program uninstaller


  • Compulsory first step to download and install any CopyTrans program
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